Swiss Christmas (Dec. 23-26)

Dec. 23: I took the train leaving Denmark going south to Germany to meet my friend Mia in her city Kaufbeuren, which is southwest of Munich in Bavaria. It was pretty much a full day event, as I took 3 different trains (transferring in Hamburg & Munich) and a ferry to finally arrive 11 hours after saying goodbye to Johan in Copenhagen. Mia and one of her friends met me at the train station, and we went back to her house for a little bit before going clubbing so I could experience the authentic German nightlife, complete with lots of schnapps shots at the döner kebab shop and German rap at the nightclub. It was fun meeting all of Mia’s friends, and I was just so excited to be reunited with Mia again after 2 years!Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Dec. 24: We woke up really early, packed some clothes in backpacks, loaded up the car, and started the drive to Mia’s house in the Alps near Chur, Switzerland with her 2 sisters and mom and dad, getting some Bavarian pretzels for the road. The drive was about 3 hours, and incredibly beautiful. We drove through Austria, passing by Lichtenstein and lots of little castles as the mountains grew taller in front of us. We drove through the city of Chur and up some very steep, narrow, and windy roads before stopping, unloading our stuff, and walking by foot another 20 min to arrive at the cabin. We were met at the cabin by Mia’s grandfather and brother, who at the moment just happened to be hauling a freshly cut down Christmas tree up to the house. The view from the house is absolutely stunning. The snow-capped mountains are directly in front of you. The house is a little 2 floor wood cabin with a porch, a glacial spring for water, a wood stove for heat, and no Wifi. The atmosphere is very relaxing. The whole day we just sat on the porch in some chairs in the sun, ate some Swiss bread and salami and paprika chips, and drank tea. In the late afternoon, Mia and I took a much needed nap, and woke up for Christmas dinner! (In Germany they celebrate Christmas on the 24th) Dinner consisted of some sausages and sour kraut with potato salad and red wine, and was very yummy. After dinner, everyone went outside and sat around the now decorated and lit up Christmas tree, sang some Christmas songs and exchanged presents. Mia’s parents and grandfather even brought a few gifts for me, which was so thoughtful. A little bit later, we watched Love Actually, a classic Christmas movie, ate some Swiss and German chocolate, and went to sleep. All in all, it was really cool seeing how other people celebrate Christmas, and celebrating at the cabin felt very cozy. The night is completely pitch black, the darkest I’ve ever seen, since there are almost no artificial lights, but because it was cloudy, we couldn’t see the stars.

Dec. 25: We woke up to see snow falling! Although it melted shortly after, as the day got a little warmer. We didn’t do much, mostly just relaxed in the cabin talking. In the afternoon, we went on a walk to a nearby restaurant in a ski area, where we had some fries and chicken and hot chocolate, and a great view of the mountains. When we came back, we watched some movies, and had smoked salmon and caviar for dinner. After dinner, we went into the hot tub, which felt so relaxing in the cold, and looking up we could see the stars. After we came back inside, we drank some peppermint tea and ate some Toffifee chocolates, watched another movie, and went to sleep.

Dec. 26: After waking up, we ate another yummy breakfast and just sat outside in the sunlight for most of the day since the weather was really sunny and warm. We ate some more Swiss bread, cheese, & salami and just talked and relaxed. At about 3pm, we went down the mountain with Mia’s grandfather and brother to catch our train back to Germany. We had a few hours to kill before the train, so we just chilled at the grandfather’s house in the city of Chur, drinking coffee and watching some TV, before finally taking the train back to Kaufbeuren.

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