Está legit! (Momentos Chistosos)

A collection of hilarious happenings that took place in Spain last year. Trust me – There were MANY funny moments.

The Flood

524219_460915963932162_1188976509_nI guess that’s what happens when you let your friend shower in your room. My roommate & I were talking on our beds while our other friend was showering. When we looked up, we realized that water was flowing out from underneath the bathroom door and quickly approaching all of our stuff. By the time our friend got out of the shower, water was everywhere and we had to stay up super late to clean it up – kind of annoying, but so funny! We couldn’t stop laughing! At least now I can say I’ve flooded a hotel room.


This is Lucifer – an expensive glass box. My roommate & I decided to go out shopping one afternoon and went into this ceramic store. While looking at things, my friend accidentally knocked this box off a shelf, breaking it. She stared at it in shock and told me we should run out of the store to avoid paying for it, although it was kind of late for that since the store clerk had already told us we had to buy it. It was a super awkward moment between us & the store clerk. I told her we couldn’t leave and she’d have to buy it. But she didn’t have any money with her, so I ended up paying for it. She named the box Lucifer, out of her hatred for it, and it became a running joke for the rest of the trip.

Nuevos Amigos


This is Miguel – the random person we met in Sevilla who came up and started talking to us. He literally told us his whole life story in about 10 minutes. He was from America – San Francisco- but he’s been living with his friend in Spain & they’re going to open a restaurant in Madrid, but his friend went back to America to get money, so now he’s traveling through Spain, & he thinks he’s going to go to Portugal, maybe Lisbon… The story goes on.

Boating Gone Bad

427556_511240408901886_421116489_n (1)

While rowing boats in the Estanque of Retiro Park in Madrid, it was my great idea to row over towards one of those stone fish-shaped fountains that spits out water. We rowed over towards it, but got too close. Before we knew it, the fish was spitting the water directly into our boat. Being the great rowers that we are, we couldn’t get our boat away from the fish, so our boat began to fill up with water and started to sink. We eventually managed to get away from it, but ended up with a boatful of water & wet clothes. Needless to say, I was never allowed to direct the boat again.

Mercadillo Madness


One morning, we went walking through the mercadillo in Cabra with our host siblings. We found a merchant who was selling baby ducks – so cute! My host sister encouraged me to pick one up, so I did & we wanted to take a picture with it. The merchant, however, insisted that a picture with the duck would cost 4 euros. We were unwilling to pay the price, so my host sister distracted the merchant while my friend sneakily snapped a pic. That’s teamwork for you! It also explains my candid expression in the picture.

Malas Noticias


This was a night of many strange events. We went out to dinner for the birthday of our group leader. Everyone had been getting really, really sick the couple days before this night, but by then, we were all back to health. After dinner, we decided to go to this discoteca called SoJo. The bouncers at the door asked us how old we were, and when we told them our age, we found out we actually had to be 21 to get in. Sad about our recent rejection and in need of an alternative nighttime event, we went to see our ice cream store merchant friend, whose store we went to basically every day. He was sitting in his shop talking with a bunch of his friends. When we saw him we told him we had bad news. He jumped up and looked really serious. “Oh no!! You’re all sick?!” he exclaimed. Laughingly we told him no, we just couldn’t get in to SoJo. All the people in the store started laughing, and then our merchant friend gave us some advice on how to get in to discotecas in Andalucia.

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