Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours

Some pictures from my missions trip last summer to the DR.

My team went to many villages where groups do not usually go and got to meet and play with the kids, sing songs,and do crafts. We went to 5 different villages: La Laura, Boca de Chavon, San Luis, Batey Uno, and Los Olivares. Most of these were rural villages, and very poor.

In La Laura, there was a boy named Josue who had to walk on all fours because he had a problem with his feet and legs, and other kids would make fun of him. I carried him around everywhere and we bonded. We were very discouraged originally when we went to Batey Uno, because it was probably the poorest village I have seen in the DR, but spending time and talking with the kids was very rewarding.

Our team also got to do the bathing ministry at Emmanuel House, the childrens center that our church raised the money to build through New Years Aid. We gave kids baths who had never had one before and gave them new clothes afterwards. We also went into Santo Domingo and worked with Casa Juvenil: Tercer Cielo, a youth ministry started by Damaso Marte, a professional baseball player for the New York Yankees who shared his testimony with us one of the nights. We went to various neighborhoods in the city and visited the houses of kids in the ministry to gather information about them for child sponsorship. Seeing the immense poverty in the inner city up close really made me appreciate what I have so much. So often, I take for granted all that I have, even things that seem normal.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to go serve the people there, who I love with my whole heart.


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