Spain 2012: Fueron Los Días Más Felices Para Mí

Some of my favorite pictures from my trip to Spain last summer with the Experiment in International Living. I was part of the Language Immersion in Andalucia group.

We first flew in to Madrid, where we spent the first few days getting used to Spain. While in Madrid, we explored the city, navigated the metro system,and visited famous sites like the Prado & Reina Sofia museums, Retiro Park, and the Palacio Real. Madrid was busy & bustling, but it was such a fun city with so much to do & explore.

After Madrid, we went to Cordoba, my favorite city. On the way there, we visited the historic city of Toledo with its small callejones. I loved Córdoba. It was so pretty and tranquil and had such rich culture and nice people. Every day, we went to our Spanish school where we went on lots of excursions like going to the market, talking with people in the streets, visiting the Alcazar, and watching movies. Our teachers were so great & I learned so much! A lot of times, we went shopping – our favorite places were Mango, Zara, El Corte Ingles, & H&M. We also visited the Mezquita (a former mosque now a cathedral) and the Museum of Julio Romero de Torres (a painter from Cordoba). One day, we took a train to Sevilla for the day and went to the Giralda and the Plaza de España. Back in Córdoba, we went to a flamenco show. My favorite thing though was watching the Spain vs. Italy final of the UEFA European Cup in a plaza with all the Spaniards. Spain won the game and all the people celebrated the whole night!

After Cordoba, we went to our homestay town of Cabra. I lived with my host sister Claudia, my host brother Isaac, my host mom Marisi, and my host grandparents Mati & Antonio. Everyday, I did whatever they did. I met lots of new people and friends of Claudia. We spent lots of time with Claudia’s cousins, going to the pool, having sleepovers, and hanging out. One day, we went to Malaga to go the beach. We also visited the Alhambra in Granada, went shopping in Cordoba, and spent tons of time in the pool! On Saturday nights, we went to the discoteca and danced all night! It truly was a trip I’ll never forget!

“Un recuerdo de viaje queda en nuestras memorias, juntos ya para siempre.” -Jorge Guillen
“Ayer la ví, bailando por ahí, con sus amigas en la calle en Madrid, tan linda como el día en que la conocí, fueron los días más felices para mí.” -Juan Magan

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